The overall aim of the EducEO project, which is funded by the European Space Agency, is to foster the use of new and emerging information and communication technologies (ICT), e.g. location-enabled mobile devices, Web 2.0 and the Internet of Things, etc., in combination with citizen science to enhance the scientific exploitation of Earth Observation (EO) data while simultaneously supporting education and public awareness raising of EO.


A review of existing citizen science projects and approaches will serve as the starting point for examining where citizen science and EO are currently being employed together, which will then be used to highlight the gaps and point to new opportunities. Based on this state-of-the art review, new requirements and methodologies for integrating EO applications and citizen science will be set out, which will be built into four pilot studies to demonstrate the feasibility of citizen science and EO. The pilots have been designed to cover a range of areas of relevance to EO, namely air quality, land cover, forest monitoring and agriculture, but which also build on existing crowdsourcing systems that are successful in each of these domains, i.e. iSpex, the Geo-Wiki project and the EarthWatchers application. Based on the results of the pilots, the EducEO project will develop a strategic roadmap for better exploitation of citizen science and emerging ICT in support of ESA’s EO exploitation and educational activities.  

IIASA Research

IIASA researchers are leading the review of existing citizen science projects and approaches. They will also engage with educational stakeholders to help define the pilot study on land cover, which is being run by IIASA. The land cover pilot will take the form of a game, building on the successful Cropland Capture game. Working with other partners in the consortium, IIASA will contribute to the strategic roadmap based on the results from the pilot. Finally, they will be involved in dissemination activities in the project.

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Last edited: 30 September 2014


Linda See

Senior Research Scholar

Ecosystems Services and Management

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Steffen Fritz

EOCS Center Head and Deputy Program Director

Ecosystems Services and Management

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Tobias Sturn

Research Scholar

Ecosystems Services and Management

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01.06.2014 - 31.08.2015

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