Over the years, the IIASA Forestry Program has made a variety of data available to the wider scientific community, largely via publications and reports. 

More recently, digital data, in particular spatial data in GIS format, has been provided with no restrictions and is available here:

Ukrainian Resource Database

The DB provides inputs into the model-based investigation of robust pathways increasing resource use efficiency in Ukrainian agriculture by planning agrifood systems to fulfill food security goals and to reduce stress on natural non-renewable resources.  More

Austrian Carbon Database Study (ACDb)

ESM presents its final report of the Austrian Carbon Database (ACDb) Study, which pursues three main objectives: (1) to support the Austrian Carbon Balance Model (ACBM) II; (2) to place Austria's carbon accounting within an international context focusing on the UNFCCC; and (3) to provide good practice guidance for full carbon accounting (FCA) rather than partial carbon accounting (PCA). More

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Last edited: 12 September 2013

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