Forging Resilient Regions: Deep Demonstration

'Forging Resilient Regions’ is a European, EIT Climate-KIC funded project to support regions in the EU in their transformation to a net-zero emissions, climate-resilient, future. As one of eight ‘Deep Demonstrations’, the project is intended to be a test bed environment for the 1.5°C-consistent systems transition.

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The impacts of climate change involve slow-onset changes, extreme events and increasing systemic risks. Some regions of Europe are particularly exposed to these impacts and are particularly exposed and vulnerable due to the make-up of their landscapes, economies and societies. In the EIT Climate-KIC funded ‘Forging Resilient Regions Deep Demonstration’, we take a systems innovation approach to forging resilience, working with regional governments and city authorities in Andalusia (Spain), Nouvelle Aquitaine (France), the Dolomites area (Italy) and the Glasgow city region (UK).

IIASA, as a cross-cutting partner of all regions, will support the Deep Demonstration Design Process fostering a new understanding of the nature of complexity and systems thinking with the aim of making regions in Europe more resilient by contributing to three nested objectives:

1. improve the ability of local authorities and regional partners to be able to make appropriate interventions to increase their resilience,

2. enrich the methodology of the Deep Demonstrations by infusing it with the systems perspective, and

3. bringing forward the opportunity of real societal and transformational change.  

IIASA researchers in the Ecosystems Services and Management (ESM) and Risk and Resilience (RISK) programs will develop and test specific ‘systems tools‘ that will enable regional partners to (i) map relevant networks of actors, governance processes, and systemic structures (ii) identify what is needed for a deep transformation towards a resilient future and (iii) create a shared understanding among regional partners of the regional systems as a basis for creating roadmaps towards a climate-resilient future.

IIASA's co-design tools applied and further developed in the project include participatory systems dynamics modelling, institutional mapping with a focus on governance processes, Warm Data Labs, and mental model mapping.

IIASA works in close collaboration with their project partners Center for Systems Solutions (CRS), E3G and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre.


Text adapted from the official EIT Climate-KIC website.

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Last edited: 13 February 2020


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