Biomass Energy Europe (BEE)

The Biomass Energy Europe (BEE) project was initiated to harmonise methodologies for biomass resource assessments for energy purposes in Europe and its neighbouring countries.


The objective of the project was to harmonize biomass resource assessment, focusing on the availability of biomass for energy in Europe and its neighboring regions. This harmonization helps to improve the consistency, accuracy and reliability of biomass assessment, which can serve the planning of a transition to renewable energy in the European Union.

The project activities included:

  • the analysis of conducted biomass resource assessment
  • the analysis of policy backgrounds, sustainability criteria and user requirements
  • the analysis of applied methodologies
  • an inventory of data sources and activities aimed at improved data quality and accessibility
  • a proposal for a harmonized biomass potential assessment methodology
  • an illustration and validation of the developed approach in case studies at EU-27 level, the Pan-European level and for select countries
  • an evaluation of the harmonized approach and the identification of priorities for further development.

The project was focusing on:

  1. methodological and dataset harmonization’s fostered by ongoing research of a multidisciplinary team of project participants and
  2. the opportunities of utilizing both earth observation and terrestrial data for biomass assessments and the integration of multiple data sources.

The relevant sectors investigated were forestry, energy crops and residues from traditional agriculture and waste. The consortium was build on its complementary sectorial expertise, which allowed for the production of sector-overarching studies, taking competitive and economic aspects into account. Intensive scientific cooperation and dissemination comprised the discussion of its objective, interim and final results with stakeholders including EC DGs, EEA, Eurostat, UN/ECE, research, industry, national ministries and associated authorities and sectorial organizations (ren. Energy, agriculture, forestry waste) 

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Last edited: 28 May 2014


2008 - 2010

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