03 June 2015

Boris Mordukhovich visited ASA, IIASA

Boris Mordukhovich visited the Advanced System Analysis Program and gave a talk on Optimal Control of a Perturbed Sweeping Process.

© 2015 Boris Mordukhovich

© 2015 Boris Mordukhovich

The talk presented brand new developments on optimal control of a sweeping process with perturbations based on the method of discrete approximations and advanced tools of first-order and second-order variational analysis and generalized differentiation. A numerical technique for finding suboptimal controls of the perturbed sweeping process under consideration and deriving necessary optimality conditions for exact optimal solutions was justified. 

Boris Mordukhovich studies a new class of optimal control problems of the sweeping (Moreau) process governed by state-constrained differential inclusions described by the normal cone mapping to a controlled convex moving set in finite dimensions. Various versions of the sweeping process have many applications to mechanics, physics, economics, and other branches of applied sciences, while control problems have not been considered for them till the recent time.

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