20 May 2015

Nikolay Royenko visited ASA, IIASA

Dr. Nikolay Royenko, the President of MIRATECH company specialized in advanced software development and application visited IIASA on the 20th of May to discuss potentials for joint research and cooperation. He gave a talk on “Advanced mathematical methods for software development and application”.

Recently, MIRATECH submitted an H2020 proposal on the topic “Personalized health application with decision support”, in which Yurii Yermoliev from the ASA program was involved, among other partners. The role of the ASA program is envisaged to be aimed to the development of advanced, including nonparametric, data mining approaches with particular focus on identification of data outliers for (patients) monitoring and early warning.

Dr. Nikolay Royenko has background in mathematics with specialization in optimization, operations research, statistics. Dr. Royenko is interested in the methodologies for systems analysis, robust statistics, and robust solutions being developed at IIASA.

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