06 September 2018 - 07 September 2018
Moscow, RUSSIA

Dynamics, Economic Growth, and International Trade Conference

IIASA researchers will join economists working in the field of economic growth and international trade to participate in the 23rd Dynamics, Economic Growth, and International Trade conference which will be held in Moscow (DEGIT XXIII).

© Reidl | Shutterstock

© Reidl | Shutterstock

The conference will focus on the global economy, trade dynamics, regional economics, international migration, equilibrium growth, sustainability, political economy of growth, international governance, transition economics, optimal control, stochastic dynamics, and other topics relevant to economic growth. 

Advanced Systems Analysis program director Elena  Rovenskaya and other IIASA researchers will present models related to transitions to low-carbon economies and global trade. 

IIASA Participation

6 September: 14:30 - 16:30

Parallel Sessions:

Empirical and International Trade: Room 508

Nikolay Khabarov: "Modeling Global Trade in Phosphate Rock within a Partial Equilibrium Framework".

Environment: Room 328a

Sergey Orlov: "Green bonds and financial markets:Transition to a low-carbon economy in an extended DICE model" (co-authored with Elena Rovenskaya and Willi Semmler)

DEGIT conferences

DEGIT XXIII is a sequel to previous conferences with the same theme: Denmark (1996), Hong Kong (1997), Taiwan (1998), Tilburg (1999), Rome (2000), Vienna (2001), Cologne (2002), Helsinki (2003), Reykjavik (2004), Mexico City (2005), Jerusalem (2006), Melbourne (2007), Manila (2008), Los Angeles (2009), Frankfurt (2010), St. Petersburg (2011), Milan (2012), Lima (2013) Nashville (2014), Geneva (2015), Nottingham (2016), Paris (2017).

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