14 March 2018 - 15 March 2018
Wodak Room, IIASA

Workshop on "How can advanced mathematical modeling tools be useful to address sustainability challenges?"

The objective of the workshop is capacity building for undergraduate students from the University of Tokyo. Participants of the workshop will be exposed to IIASA history, objectives, and ongoing research, and more specifically on how advanced mathematical modeling tools can be useful to address sustainability challenges.

Future sustainable development requires actions today at every level of society, from individual citizens and local organizations to international institutions and national governments. The problems that constitute the challenge to sustainability are not easy to solve because they require a multi-stakeholder decision making process that must balance the interests of today and the future. This process is more efficient when informed by scientific modeling tools and systems thinking approaches.

Another complexifying factor is the significant role of indirect feedback arising from the interaction among systems, which necessitates a systems analysis approach: for example, water systems strongly impact the limits of development of food and energy production, which is referred to as the food-energy-water nexus. 

Such tradeoffs between several of the natural systems involved, the different levels of stakeholder involvement, and the need for a final public policy that aims at getting the most benefit for people and ecosystems, can be studied with several advanced mathematical modeling tools. Each presentation at the workshop will give a brief overview of some of these mathematical modeling tools and sustainability challenges that scientists at the Advanced Systems Analysis program at IIASA currently use to inform public policy on sustainable development.

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Ali Kharrazi

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