02 June 2014

ASA welcomes YSSP 2014

The ASA program welcomes 8 YSSP this summer.  The participants have diverse backgrounds and will be working on methodological and applied projects under the supervision of ASA staff.

The projects are as follows:

  • Mikko Dufva (Finland) – Methods for analyzing and supporting the creation of a shared future direction for a socio-technical system
  • Lukas Figge (Netherlands/Germany) – Uncertain consequences of global ecological overshoot: “Adjusting” scenarios of global change and the ecological footprint until 2100
  • Danielle Haak (USA) – Using ecological network analysis to assess habitat suitability of an invasive freshwater snail
  • Bellamya chinensis Thi Luu (Germany/Vietnam) – Dynamics of bank-firm interrelations
  • Sergey Orlov (Russia) – Decisions on fertility and education of children under environmental and social constraints
  • Ashkad Panesh (Russia) – Optimal exploitation of size-structured populations under the accounting of the competition
  • Tao Wang (China) – A proportionality approach to analysis of a multi-sector optimal control model for resource productivity in China
  • Hongmei Zheng (China) – An urban metabolism and carbon footprint analysis of the Jing-Jin-Ji regional agglomeration

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Last edited: 12 June 2014


Brian Fath

YSSP Scientific Coordinator

Young Scientists Summer Program

Capacity Development and Academic Training Unit

Senior Research Scholar

Systemic Risk and Resilience Research Group

Advancing Systems Analysis Program

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