System transitions and resilience of systems

Within the area "System transitions and resilience of systems" ASA research focuses on systems of systems, characterized by complex dynamics, decentralized decision-making, and significant uncertainties with the aim to study system’s resilience. 

The behavior of such systems is too complex to be modelled by traditional tools; therefore, ASA experiments with qualitative (e.g., soft systems mapping) and quantitative (e.g., agent-based modeling) methods and approaches. The aim of these is to evaluate possible consequences of extreme shocks affecting the system under study and, based on that, system resilience. Novel methods of data analysis aiming to identify precursors of system flips and general patterns via learning from the past are developed. ASA research in this domain is currently emerging.

Conceptualizing and quantifying resilience & sustainability

Based on the experience of their particular studies each of which deals with the issue of sustainability in its own way, researchers of the Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program make contribution to understanding the foundations of the notion of sustainability and develop system-analytic approaches to quantifying it.  More

Managing uncertainty in climate science and meeting sustainability constraints

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are a particular challenge for sustainability. Decisions are to be made now to avoid unsustainable futures, but the basis for these decisions, both data and models, include vast inherent uncertainties. The Advanced Systems Analysis Program (ASA) research focuses on proper accounting of uncertainties when verifying mitigation efforts and when analyzing scenarios of future emissions. More

Data analysis revealing behavior patterns

Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program researchers apply contemporary approaches to analyze newly available data sets and find new insights and stylized facts. More

Resilience of national and regional economies

ASA research foresights into countries’ alternative future under different scenarios. ASA experiment with both qualitative and quantitative approaches under this theme. More

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Last edited: 31 January 2019


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