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Policy Briefs present the latest research in a concise format for policymakers.

Ensuring the Sustainability of Euro-Asian Transport Connections

Northern Dimension Institute Policy Brief #3, February 2019. Growth in Euro-Asian trade and rising international interest to the Arctic have generated several initiatives to develop the land and Arctic maritime connections between Europe and Asia. Opening of new routes and increase in transportation capacities of existing ones are bringing social, economic and environmental impacts to the Northern Dimension (ND) area as well. More

Digitalization will transform the global economy

Policy Brief #20, October 2018. New research has identified several adaptive actions that can both support national economies and prepare countries for a future shaped by digitalization. More

Envisioning participatory governance of energy transition in Jordan

Policy Brief #17, July 2018. Jordan is entering a critical phase in terms of planning its future electricity supply architecture. The results of a four-year collaborative study by researchers from IIASA, Jordan, and Sweden, has led to the development of several recommendations for the Jordanian energy-policy process. More

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