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Integrated management of food-energy-water-land for sustainable development

Options Winter 2020: A joint project between IIASA and the National Academy of Science Ukraine has provided valuable input to Ukrainian policies based on the principles of sustainable development. More

How effective are social impact assessments in Mexico's renewable energy sector?

Options Winter 2020: IIASA researchers explored the effectiveness of social impact assessments in overcoming local opposition to the implementation of renewable energy projects. More

COVID-19: A shock to the global system

Options Winter 2020: Systems science is ideally positioned to address global impacts and harness opportunities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. IIASA is actively involved in addressing emerging issues and supporting policymakers on the road to a more sustainable post-COVID world. More

Engaging diverse groups for better policymaking

Options Summer 2020: How can system analysts engage in, or even co-design and implement, processes that provide inclusive, effective, and informed policy guidance? IIASA researchers are at the forefront of addressing this question. More

Analyzing US trade interdependencies using the Food-Energy-Water Nexus concept

Options Summer 2020: IIASA researchers used systems analysis methods to measure trade interdependencies between US states and found that the country’s current food supply chain is often not optimized for using available natural resources. More

Unraveling the complexities of a digital future

Options Winter 2019/20: The pace of digital transformation is accelerating and in the process redefining traditional industry sectors and how we live and work. More

Protecting against pest outbreaks through modeling

Options Winter 2019/20: A newly developed multi-scale network model can help to mitigate the spreading potential of pests. More

Financial risk in the spotlight

Options Summer 2019: IIASA researchers looked at various aspects of global financial risk from a systems analysis perspective More

Making food and energy production in China compatible under limited water supply

Options Winter 2018/19: Researchers from IIASA and China collaborated on a study to find the most cost efficient way of producing enough food and energy while taking limitations on the availability of land and water into account. More

System failure

Options Winter 2017/18: Highly interconnected networks are everywhere in our world, from finance to ecosystems: How can we strengthen them against collapse? More

Using demand-side management to solve UK energy problems

Options Winter 2017/18: Demand side management has been recognized as a powerful tool to balance the grid and help the transition to a more sustainable system, but it will need a regulatory framework. More

A tale of two cities: Beijing before and after 2000

Options Magazine Winter 2016: When it comes to carbon emissions, Beijing today is a different city than the same city before 2000. More

What is disaster resilience?

Options Summer 2017: True disaster resilience is not just about reducing risk, it must also have sustainable development at its core. More

From oil rich to low carbon

Options Winter 2017/18: Q&A with IIASA postdoc Katya Perez Guzman. More

Breaking the habit: The path to a greener future

Options Magazine Summer 2017: In order to achieve environmental and sustainability goals, individuals around the world will need to change their behavior, to consume fewer resources and make less waste. But how can we break out of long-established patterns? More

Nailing down resilience and sustainability

Options Magazine Summer 2017: Ali Kharrazi, an alumnus of the 2012 YSSP, is taking a critical look at the concepts of resilience and sustainability More

Q&A: We complement each other very well

Options Magazine Summer 2017: Tatyana Valovaya is a member of the board and minister in the areas of integration and macroeconomics for the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). More

From insect swarms to banking crises—making connections across networks

Options Magazine Winter 2015: Q & A with IIASA Postdoctoral Research ScholarMatthias Wildemeersch working jointly in the Advanced Systems Analysis and Ecosystems Services and Management Programs at IIASA. His research focuses onnetwork dynamics and stability and can be applied across diverse disciplines. More

Metropolis rising

Options Magazine Winter 2016: Could cities drive a global transition towards sustainability? More

More than connecting the dots

Options Magazine Summer 2016: New methods in network science bring fresh insight to complex systems. More

A passion for science

December 2013. Options Magazine, Winter 2013/2014 IIASA’s Elena Rovenskaya explains how IIASA researchers develop the models they use to understand complex systems More

Economic cooperation “from Lisbon to Vladivostok”

The new IIASA flagship project for exploring economic cooperation between Europe and countries of the former USSR. More

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