08 December 2020 - 11 December 2020
Moscow, Russia / Virtual

The 13th International Scientific Conference on Intelligent Data Processing: Theory and Applications (IDP‐2020)

Nadejda Komendantova from the Advanced Systems Analysis program is invited to give a presentation on "COVID-19 pandemic and artificial intelligence methods for risk analysis" at the 13th International Scientific Conference on Intelligent Data Processing: Theory and Applications (IDP‐2020). The conference is organized by the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) in cooperation with RAS Computing Center of the Federal Research Center "Informatics and Management" of RAS, the Center for Big Data Storage and Analysis Technologies (CASS) based at Lomonosov Moscow State University and the National Technology Initiative (NTI) Competence Center for Artificial Intelligence based at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).

© Pratyaksa | Dreamstime.com

© Pratyaksa | Dreamstime.com

About Intelligent Data Processing (IDP) conferences

Intelligent Data Processing (IDP) is a biannual scientific conference in the field of mathematical cybernetics and theoretical computer science. The IOP conference has been the leading forum for researchers and professionals working in the field of data mining since 1989, a platform for discussion, dissemination, and promotion of advanced ideas, achievements, and developments. The conference is organized by representatives of the Russian scientific school of machine learning and aims to expand interaction between Russian and foreign researchers and representatives of high-tech IT business. It brings together scientists from universities and research institutes with representatives of industrial organizations and agencies involved in solving applied problems of economics, ecology, medicine, regional management and others, which require application of methods of intellectualization of information processing, potential customers and users of intellectualized information technologies.

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Last edited: 18 December 2020


Nadejda Komendantova

Research Group Leader and Senior Research Scholar Cooperation and Transformative Governance Research Group - Advancing Systems Analysis Program

T +43(0) 2236 807 285

Research project


Yazdanpanah, M., Abadi, B., & Komendantova, N. (2020). Some at Risk for COVID-19 Are Reluctant to Take Precautions, but Others Are Not: A Case from Rural Iran. Frontiers in Public Health 8, e562300. 10.3389/fpubh.2020.562300.

Kyza, E.A., Varda, C., Panos, D., Karageorgiou, M., Komendantova, N. , Perfumi, S.C., Shah, S.I.H., & Hosseini, A.S. (2020). Combating misinformation online: re-imagining social media for policy-making. Internet Policy Review 9 (4) 10.14763/2020.4.1514.

Massel, L., Massel, A., & Komendantova, N. (2020). Systems analysis of sustainability of energy and socio-ecological systems based on artificial intelligence technologies. In: Proceedings of International Scientific conference in Minsk “Sustainable Development of Energy Sector of Belarus: Condition and Perspectives”. pp. 34-43 National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Melentiev Energy Systems Institute, Engineering Academy of Armenia. ISBN 978-985-08-2654-1

Massel, L. & Komendantova, N. (2019). Assessment of natural and technological risks for sustainability of energy, ecological and social systems based on artificial intelligence information technologies (ОЦЕНКА РИСКОВ ПРИРОДНЫХ И ТЕХНОГЕННЫХ УГРОЗ УСТОЙЧИВОСТИ ЭНЕРГЕТИЧЕСКИХ, ЭКОЛОГИЧЕСКИХ И СОЦИАЛЬНЫХ СИСТЕМ НА ОСНОВЕ ИНТЕЛЛЕКТУАЛЬНЫХ ИНФОРМАЦИОННЫХ ТЕХНОЛОГИЙ)(in Russian). Information and mathematical technologies in science and management 4 (16), 31-45.

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