25 November 2019
Vienna, Austria

Round table at the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute

Dmitry Erokhin is invited to present the IIASA background paper "Connectivity in the Digital Age. Digital Futures of Trade and Economic Cooperation in Eurasia" at the round table which takes place at the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute office in Vienna.

© Ivan Karpov | Dreamstime.com

© Ivan Karpov | Dreamstime.com

There is significant potential to enhance strategic partnership of countries and unions across Eurasia. Cooperation is viable when it is mutually beneficial in increasing competitiveness of national economies and the well‐being of citizens. Arguably, a more pragmatic approach aiming at expanding practical cooperation to create new sources of innovative economic growth may be a more preferred option for political cooperation at the highest level and even for traditional economic integration focused on eliminating trade barriers.  

This paper aims to review the current level of digitalization and technological development of China, the EU, and the EAEU, analyze digitalization strategies of China, the EAEU, the EAEU countries, the EU and the EU countries, and give preliminary recommendations on prospects of cooperation in the field of digitalization in Greater Eurasia. 

As digital solutions have the power to connect people and businesses directly and independently from national borders, traditional approaches to regional economic integration may not be effective in the future. The present generation of international agreements governing trade and investment flows routinely omits their changing character. Thus, it is necessary to formulate new policies and regulations. To design new policies, it is necessary to analyze strategic interests of major players behind their foreign economic policies and programs on technological and digital development as well as compatibility of interests and potential areas of conflict.

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