31 October 2019
Vienna, Austria

Workshop on Economic futures of Greater Europe

Elena Rovenskaya is invited to run a workshop on "Economic futures of Greater Europe" in the framework of the forum “Greater Europe meetings: Vienna” co-organized by the Youth Association for a Greater Europe and the OSCE.

© Mariusz Prusaczyk | Dreamstime.com

© Mariusz Prusaczyk | Dreamstime.com

The workshop provides an opportunity for the participants to understand and debate on the issues of Greater Europe from the economic point of view including economic integration and regionalism. It contributes to a better understanding of the economic processes on the European continent.

Greater Europe meetings

Since 2013, “Greater Europe meetings” has been a youth-led international forum the main idea of which is to engage European students and young professionals in a reflexive discussion about the European continent’s – EU, CIS and the Balkans – current and future challenges. During the Forum, participants take part in lectures, workshops and scenario-building sessions, and have a chance to exchange their insights and ideas with former and current diplomats, foreign policy experts and practitioners. The main objective of the Forum is to provide young leaders with knowledge and perceptions so as to enable them to formulate their own vision of Greater Europe’s future, taking into account the trends and developments of today.

This year and for the first time the forum “Greater Europe Meetings” is held in cooperation with the OSCE in Vienna.

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