16 August 2017

Katya Perez-Guzman gave an introductory course on Complex Network Analysis of Input-Output tables

Katya Perez-Guzman organised an informal introductory course on graph theory, statistical analysis and software use for complex network analysis for various researchers at the Institute of Ecological Economics, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria on 16 August, 2017.

With the motivation of promoting systems thinking in academic, government and civil society organisations, the course included basic introduction to graph theory, the comparison of networks statistics between scale free and other structures, and a discussion of the application of these methods to the network analysis of Input-Output tables. The researchers at the Institute of Ecological Economics had varied experience at conventional analysis of Input-Output tables, which they seek to complement with network analysis. Several comparisons were made between two national tables (for Mexico and Austria), as well as a multi-regional one, with various insights on what type of measures could take best advantage of network analysis of other Input-Output tables. 

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Last edited: 22 August 2017


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