20 June 2017

Anticipating alternative futures for platform economy

Mikko Dufva, 2014 YSSPer at the Advanced Systems Analysis program, presented a paper "Anticipating alternative futures for platform economy" at the XXVIII ISPIM Innovation Conference "Composing the Innovation Symphony" which took place on 18-21 June 2017 in Vienna, Austria.



The paper prepared by Mikko together with Leena Ilmola-Sheppard, Senior Research Scholar at the Advanced Systems Analysis program, Seija Junno, Director of business model development at SSAB steel production company and Raija Koivisto, Principal Scientist at VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland, describes three alternative global scenarios for platform economy and their positioning for Finland. 

The main research question of the paper is "What are platform ecosystem options from a national perspective within different user and technology scenarios?" On a more general level, the goal is to improve the understanding of the drivers of the emerging phenomena of platform economy, related uncertainties, and to support the Finnish authorities, industry, and society to benefit from it. The special challenge in imagining alternative futures for platform economy is to go beyond the hype about and to offer impartial fact-based holistic picture instead. 

In order to achieve the goal, the authors describe one way of making resilient strategic decisions about emerging phenomena with large uncertainties. The described approach can be used to systematically identify key uncertainties, analyze their development and interconnections that produce a scenario of potential futures. And finally make robust recommendations for a resilient set of actions in the present. In addition, the authors study the implications to a specific case sector in order to test the adequacy of the approach.

The research is based on the work carried out in of the Platform Value Now project, funded by the Strategic Research Council of the Academy of Finland. 

XXVIII ISPIM Innovation Conference "Composing the Innovation Symphony"

SPIM, in partnership with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich – WKO) and Ratio Strategy & Innovation Consulting, invite researchers, managers, executives and consultants, with a passion for innovation management, to the XXVIII ISPIM Innovation Conference in Vienna to:

Engage - Share innovation insights with fellow professionals
Explore - Find out about the local innovation scene & their hot topics
Belong - Become part of a global innovation management community
Enjoy - Experience well-orchestrated social events in inspiring, fun venues

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