07 October 2016

ASA researchers participated in the conference "Systems Analysis: Modeling and Control"

Elena Rovenskaya, Sergey Aseev, Alexey Davydov, Tapio Palokangas, Chihiro Watanabe, Nikita Strelkovskii and Artem Baklanov participated in the international conference in memory of academician Arkady Kryazhimskiy "Systems Analysis: Modeling and Control" which took place in Ekaterinburg, Russia, on 3–8 October, 2016.

Elena Rovenskaya gave a talk on "Reconciling information from climat-economic model ensembles", Sergey Aseev gave a talk on "Existence and boundedness of optimal controls in infinite horizon problems", Alexey Davydov gave a talk to "Analysis and optimization of stationary solutions of exploited populations", Tapio Palokangas gave talks on "Emission permit management with simultaneous localized and global externality problems", "Land reforms and population growth" and "Fertility, mortality and environmental policy", Chihiro Watanabe gave a talk on "Optimal trajectory of ICT-driven disruptive business model - Contrast of co-evolution and legal battle in Uber’s ride-sharing revolution", Nikita Strelkovskii gave a talk on "The method of successive approximations for constructing guiding program package in the problem of guaranteed closed-loop guidance" and Artem Baklanov gave a talk on "Nash equilibria in reactive strategies".

Photos from the Conference

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