06 June 2016

Elena Shchekinova joined ASA program

Elena Shchekinova joined the Advanced System Analyis and Evolution and Ecology Programs as a research scholar to work on financial time series analysis for the prediction of economic recession in the framework of the IIASA's Systemic Risk and Network Dynamics cross-cutting project.

Elena Shchekinova joined IIASA in June 2016, to work on IIASA’s crosscutting project “Systemic Risk and Network Dynamics (SRND)” thus becoming a member of both the Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) and Evolution and Ecology (EEP) Programs. She will work on a financial time series analysis for the prediction of economic recession.

Dr. Shchekinova finished her Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics at the Rostov State University (Russia) and obtained a PhD in Physics from Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) in 2006. Her thesis work focused on the analysis of near-to-integrable Hamiltonian systems. She has worked on several multidisciplinary topics including ecological population dynamics and coexistence in systems with large number of species, application of nonlinear dynamics methods to study synchronization in systems with nonlinear oscillators, as well as time series analysis of neurophysiological data.

Dr. Shchekinova completed her postdoctoral studies between 2009-2011, with the group of marine ecologists at the Biological Station at Helgoland (North Sea) at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, and studied the impact of climate change on diversity and timing of phytoplankton bloom from long-time observational data series.

In the years 2012-2013, Dr. Shchekinova participated in the development of decision support systems for the Mediterranean Center of Climate Change in Italy and contributed to the development of a National Search and Rescue computer-assisted system for the tracking of sea drifters and predictions of the position of marine objects lost at sea. 

Before joining IIASA, Dr. Shcheckinova worked at the Stuttgart Research Center for System Biology and used an agent-based modeling approach to study the behavior of multicellular systems. 

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Last edited: 23 June 2016

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