04 June 2014

IIASA as the first
international partner in the U.S. Water Partnership

In June 2014, the Steering Committee of the U.S. Water Partnership approved IIASA as the first international partner in the U.S. Water Partnership. Ambassador Hattie Babbitt, the Steering Committee Chair congratulated and officially welcomed IIASA as their new partner.

As a public-private initiative, the US. Water Partnership (USWP) unites and mobilizes U.S.-based expertise, resources and ingenuity to address water challenges around the globe, particularly in the developing world. The U.S. Water Partnership brings together top U.S. resources to create valuable solutions that will positively impact our growing global water challenges.

IIASA becoming the first international partner to the U.S. Water Partnership is a positive step forward, and the formalization of this partnership has opened opportunities to continuously find ways to work together to successfully achieve our common goals relating to sustainable water policies, in the US and worldwide.

Dr. David Wiberg, acting director of IIASA´s water program expresses his appreciation and underscores the importance of this collaboration:

With water increasingly becoming a globally scarce good, broad partnerships and cooperation are required to ensure that water governance and management is consistent across sectors and scales of management, helping to ensure the success and sustainability of water projects worldwide and thereby improving efficiency and lowering costs. Smart monitoring and solid systems science is further needed to understand the integrated systems and support decisions. The U.S. Water Partnership is an important hub of knowledge and experience and a good platform for joint learning and testing applications of the types of integrated systems analysis that IIASA specializes in. We are happy to be part of the group and are looking forward to increased dialog and collaboration. 

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Last edited: 20 June 2014

U.S. Water Partnership

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