24 May 2016 - 26 May 2016
Stockholm, Sweden

International Wood Biorefining Week 2016

A dedicated session for BeWhere at the IWB 2016.

The session on "Future large-scale biorefineries: technological choice and value chains" was dedicated to the Formas project "Large-scale implementation of biorefineries: new value chains, products and efficient biomass feed-stock utilization". Elisabeth Wetterlund presented the BeWhere Sweden model, Sylvain Leduc the European version of BeWhere and Ismael Ouraich the link from BeWhere to EconMod, a geographic explicit economic model applied for the Swedish forest sector.

(1) Next-generation biofuel production integrated with Swedish forest industry – technology and location choices.
Elisabeth Wetterlund, Luleå University of Technology, Energy Science, Sweden.

(2) A European overview of the woody biomass feedstock availability and its applications.
Sylvain Leduc, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria.

(3) A geographically explicit approach for price determination of forest feedstocks under different next-generation biofuel production scenarios – The case of Sweden.
Ismail Ouraich, Luleå University of Technology, Economics, Sweden.

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Last edited: 22 June 2016


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