Arctic Futures Initiative

The Arctic Futures Initiative (AFI) brings a systems analysis perspective to the future of the Arctic.

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A holistic approach for the Arctic

The Arctic interacts with the rest of the world in a complex manner —socially, economically, technologically, environmentally, and politically. We aim to provide a framework for objective international science-policy discussions, and support the requisite system-level analysis of critical Arctic challenges to sustainability, for use by public and private decision makers in the Arctic and non-Arctic nations striving for a sustainable Arctic region.

Nurturing cooperation, preservation, and prosperity in the Arctic

The vast 15 million square kilometer territory surrounding the North Pole commonly referred to as “the Arctic” may seem to be remote and intangible, but what happens there affects us all.

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Last edited: 13 March 2019

Arctic Futures Initiative brochure

A systems perspective on the plausible futures of the Arctic


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