University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU)

BOKU is a Vienna-based research center for renewable resources with a focuse on deepening the knowledge of ecologically and economically sustainable natural resources.

IIASA has worked with BOKU in the following areas:

13 November 2018
Zero Emissions from Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use in the Eisenwurzen and Beyond (ZEAFOLU)

The target of 2°C, and even more so, the ambitious 1.5°C target, which are fundamental climate protection goals of the 2015 Paris agreement, require a massive reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions until 2050 and complete decarbonization by 2100. A transition to a low-carbon society will necessitate a fundamental reorganization of the current societal metabolism, that is, the flow of material and energy associated with socioeconomic activities. Such a transformation calls for a re-evaluation of land use management practices to achieve zero emissions from agriculture, forestry and other land use (ZEAFOLU). More

04 December 2016
Award for sustainable development summer school

IIASA researcher Brian Fath was a lecturer in the Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems (AEMS) summer school, which has received a major award from the Austrian government. More

16 August 2016
Brian Fath gave a talk at BOKU

Brian Fath gave an invited lecture on "Cycles and Time Constants in Nature" on 8 August, 2016. The lecture was delivered as part of a three-week summer school on “Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems” at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU). More

23 October 2014
COIN: Assessing Costs of Climate Change in Austria

The core objective of COIN (Cost of Inaction) is to assess costs of climate change for public and private budgets in Austria (i.e. damage costs with presently agreed mitigation measures but without adaptation measures) and to scope out information where full assessment is not yet possible. More

06 October 2014

This project is funded by the ERC Consolidator Grant. It assesses the potential of using crowdsourcing to close big data gaps of ground sourced data on land cover, land use and change. The project builds on the Geo-Wiki crowdsourcing tool and moves from an online environment to a mobile ground-based collection system. More

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