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Transformation toward decarbonized and clean energy systems requires fundamental changes in fossil fuel use, which dominates the current energy landscape. Strong policies, including effective pricing of greenhouse gas emissions, will be needed to fundamentally change the fossil energy system.

Policies for innovation can directly target the innovation process, support the innovation system, or unintentionally impact innovation while targeting an unrelated concern. Clear, stable, and consistent expectations about the direction and shape of the innovation system are necessary for innovators to commit time, money, and effort with only the uncertain promise of distant returns. To date, policy support for the innovation system has been characterized by volatility, changes in emphasis, and a lack of clarity. The Global Energy Assessment provides policymakers with solid facts for grounding new policies.

Video: What policies should urban areas and cities adopt?

Video: What policies should the public sector adopt?

Video: What are the strategies to transform the energy system?

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