Awards for YSSP participants

The awards are given annually for outstanding work by participants in the institute's Young Scientists Summer Program. They provide financial support for the winners to return to IIASA for an additional three months of research.

© Richard Thomas | Dreamstime

© Richard Thomas | Dreamstime

The Peccei Award was established in 1984 in recognition of Dr. Aurelio Peccei's contribution to the understanding of global problems and his efforts to promote multi-national collaborative research.

The Mikhalevich Award was established in 1995 following the death of Academician Vladimir S. Mikhalevich, a pioneer in cybernetics and mathematical problems, who at that time was Chairman of the IIASA Council.

2019 Winners

Peccei Award: Felicia Chiang

The 2019 winner of the Peccei Award is Felicia Chiang for her paper entitled

“Concurrent temperature and precipitation shifts in historical and historical natural-only model simulations”

Felicia is a student of a joint M.S.-PhD program in the Civil Engineering department at University of California, Irvine. The topic of her dissertation is “Understanding the Physical Underpinnings of the Observed Amplified Warming of Droughts”. Her main fields of scientific interest include hydroclimate extremes, concurrent and compounding extremes, detection and attribution research, and climate change impacts and projections. Felicia will be returning to the IIASA Water program to continue work on her YSSP study.

IIASA Program: Water (WAT)

IIASA Supervisors: Peter Greve, Yoshihide Wada

Mikhalevich Award: Nicolas Choquette-Levy

The 2019 Mikhalevich Award winner is Nicolas Choquette-Levy for his paper entitled

“The impact of risk sharing mechanisms on smallholder farmer climate adaptation strategies”

Nicolas, originally from Canada, is PhD student in the Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy program at Princeton University. His research focuses on how climate risks are influencing rural-urban migration, particularly among smallholder farmers in Nepal and China. 


IIASA Supervisors: Matthias Wildemeersch, JoAnne Bayer, Wolfgang Lutz

Honorable Mention: Rory Gibb

One of the Honoray Mentions goes to Rory Gibb from the UK - a doctoral candidate in disease ecology at the Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research, University College London (UCL). His final paper entitled 

Interacting effects of land use, climate and socioeconomic change on Lassa fever in West Africa” 

is a result of his YSSP stay at the IIASA Ecosystems and Services Management Program. 

IIASA Program: Ecosystems Service and Management (ESM)

IIASA Supervisors: Piero Visconti, Tamas Krisztin 

Honorable Mention: Roope Kaaronen

Roope Kaaronen is a doctoral candidate in Environmental Policy at the University of Helsinki. His research interests include environmental behavior and cognition, socio-cognitive aspects of ecological crises, ecological and environmental psychology, complex systems and philosophy of science. His thesis is titled Steps to a Sustainable Mind. During his stay at IIASA's Advanced Systems Analsysis program he produced an excellent paper entitled 

“Cultural evolution of sustainable behaviors: pro environmental tipping points in an agent-based model”  

IIASA Program: Advanced Sytems Analysis (ASA)

IIASA Supervisor: Nikita Strelkovskii

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Last edited: 04 September 2020


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