Fulvio Di Fulvio

Fulvio Di Fulvio focuses on mapping global forest resources and calculating the costs of supplying wood biomass for both material and energy uses.

There is increasing competition for wood biomass between material and energy uses, and this is expected to increase. This project aims to map forestry production systems globally, while accounting for different forest conditions and countries.

The project integrates models from the literature for assessing forest production rates, global economic indicators for adaptation of costing, and information from experts for validation. For each wood supply system, production rates were obtained by using models from the literature applied to the characteristics of geographically explicit production and delivery sites. The costs for operating the production systems were collected from experts and databases in the reference countries and adapted to countries using global economic indicators. Regional experts gave information on unitary costs and systems’ operative characteristics.

By integrating the potential amounts of harvestable biomass in future scenarios from the Global Biosphere Management Model (GLOBIOM) and the Global Forest Model (G4M) with the unitary costs from the current modeling, it will be possible to obtain cost supply curves for different wood biomass assortments. These curves will be used to compare delivered amounts, costs, and prices and address future changes in the allocation of land for forests.

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Funding: Kempe Foundation, Sweden

Nationality: Italian

Program: Ecosystems Services and Management Program

Dates: August 2014 – July 2016

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Last edited: 20 December 2016


Aleksandra Cofala

Postdoc Coordinator & YSSP Administrative Assistant

Young Scientists Summer Program

T +43(0) 2236 807 436

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Postdoctoral research at IIASA


Gusti M, Di Fulvio F , Biber P, Korosuo A, & Forsell N (2020). The Effect of Alternative Forest Management Models on the Forest Harvest and Emissions as Compared to the Forest Reference Level. Forests 11 (8): p. 794. DOI:10.3390/f11080794.

Li W, Ciais P, Stehfest E, van Vuuren D, Popp A, Arneth A, Di Fulvio F , Doelman J, et al. (2020). Mapping the yields of lignocellulosic bioenergy crops from observations at the global scale. Earth System Science Data Discussions 12 (2): 789-804. DOI:10.5194/essd-12-789-2020.

Pereira HM, Rosa IMD, Martins IS, Kim H, Leadley P, Popp A, van Vuuren DP, Hurtt G, et al. (2020). Global trends in biodiversity and ecosystem services from 1900 to 2050. bioRxiv (Preprint) DOI:10.1101/2020.04.14.031716.

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