03 June 2019
15:45 CEST
Laxenburg Conference Center (Theater)
Free Admission

Dancing with the Future

“Dancing with the Future”, a co-production between the IIASA Science and Art Project and Harvard University’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, pushes the boundaries of art and science, fusing dance, evolutionary dynamics, and an interactive game.

© Jason Nemirow

© Jason Nemirow

It premiered at Harvard University in September 2018 and was subsequently presented at the International Conference on Sustainable Development during the UN General Assembly week in New York. Before the cast of artists and scientists goes on tour again, it will be performed at the Theater of the Laxenburg Congress Center.

Based on the 2014 Nature paper ‘Cooperating with the Future’, five dancers and two scientists explore the mechanisms of cooperation and investigate a question that is at the heart of all sustainable development, yet remains widely elusive because it entails a moral component that cannot easily be assessed: are humans able to cooperate with future generations? Translating the findings of the paper into the real world setting, the production is designed for decision makers and the public to find out what planet they would leave behind for the people who come after us.

Further Information: HERE

Choreographed & performed by: 

Gloria Benedikt

Hannah Kickert

Mimmo Miccolis

Henoch Spinola

Jessie J. Stinnett

Game: Piotr Magnuszewski

Text: Martin A. Nowak

© Daniel Kruganov

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