06 May 2019
Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin, 19:00

A story for the Future

How do stories shape our world and the way we look at it? This question will be at the core of the discussion at the Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin between Martin Puchner, Professor at Harvard University and Gloria Benedikt, who leads the Science and Art project at IIASA.

© Jason Nemirow

© Jason Nemirow

80 years ago our world witnessed three competing ideologies in action: fascism, communism, and liberalism. During the Cold War, communism and the liberal economic and democratic model challenged each other for global dominance. Today, we are left with liberalism, which is increasingly under pressure, as it does not seem capable of offering viable solutions to defining problems of our time such as global economic inequality, the climate crisis or challenges to our democratic systems. In his book, “The Written World”, Martin Puchner explains how and why people are more influenced by stories than facts and numbers. Benedikt and Puchner will embark on a journey in search of a new narrative, capable of informing our thought and action for a sustainable future.

The event is hosted by the Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin in collaboration with the American Academy, Berlin, and IIASA.

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