15 July 2013

IIASA establishes new cooperation with WIIW

IIASA and the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW) have formed a new partnership for research and education.



On 5 July, IIASA and the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW) agreed to a new strategic partnership linking the institutions’ research and educational programs. WIIW will play an important role in the new Eurasian Economic Integration Project, which IIASA launched in June. The project will assess the prospects of economic interactions of regional alliances on the Eurasian space. The new agreement enables close collaboration between the two organizations on this and future research on transition economies.  

Professor Dr Pavel Kabat, IIASA Director and Chief Executive Officer commented, “Among IIASA staff, there are more than 50 scientists who were originally trained as economists. At present we are consolidating our economic research expertise and capacity across different IIASA programs and projects, and our new collaboration with WIIW will give an important impetus to this process.”

IIASA’s Advanced Systems Analysis Acting Program Leader Dr. Elena Rovenskaya and WIIW’s Deputy Director Peter Havlik will serve as coordinators of the new effort. 

Dr. Rovenskaya says, “Our two institutions have complementing expertise and experience, the new agreement lays the groundwork for mutually beneficial future collaboration, and a closer connection between IIASA and WIIW researchers.”

Peter Havlik added, “We have high respect for IIASA’s work and are happy to have established closer cooperation. We are looking forward to interesting results from our common endeavor.”

WIIW is one of the principal centers for research on Central, East and Southeast Europe with 40 years of experience. Over the years, they have broadened their expertise, and increased regional coverage to European integration, the countries of wider Europe and selected issues of the global economy, while also expanding research areas. At present, WIIW researchers are focused on macroeconomic developments and structural change, international economics, labor markets and social issues, as well as on selected issues related to sectoral and regional economic developments. 

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Last edited: 05 August 2013


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