18 June 2014

IIASA appoints new director to the Institute’s
Advanced Systems Analysis Program

Today, IIASA Director General and CEO Professor Dr Pavel Kabat appointed Russian mathematician Dr Elena Rovenskaya as Program Director of the Institute’s Advanced Systems Analysis Program, where she will lead a team of 20 researchers that develop new, more sophisticated methodologies for systems analysis.

Dr Elena Rovenskaya

Dr Elena Rovenskaya

Dr Rovenskaya is an expert in mathematical modeling and optimization techniques with particular experience in applying these skills to the study of economic and environmental challenges. She has worked as a research scholar at Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) since gaining her PhD in mathematics and physics. While studying for her PhD at MSU, Rovenskaya first researched at IIASA as a participant in the Institute’s Young Scientists Summer Program. Following this, she held part-time research positions at IIASA until 2013 when she was chosen to temporarily lead IIASA’s Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program as its Acting Program Director.

At the core of IIASA’s research is advanced systems analysis, which uses mathematical models and analytical techniques to investigate complex systems through an integrated, interdisciplinary approach. ASA helps keep the Institute’s research at the cutting edge by developing new and improved methodologies that systems analysts can apply in their study of global problems. Twenty researchers from countries ranging from Finland to the United States and from multiple disciplines research in ASA and focus on exploring new ways to understand and analyze today’s global challenges.

Elena Rovenskaya

Dr Elena Rovenskaya, Director of the Institute’s Advanced Systems Analysis Program.

“I am delighted to appoint Elena Rovenskaya as the next Program Director of IIASA’s Advanced Systems Analysis Program,” said Professor Dr Kabat earlier today. “Elena deftly combines research and managerial skills as well as bringing fresh ideas to IIASA. Over the last twelve months, she has helped establish a new flagship program to study the complex issues of economic cooperation between countries of the Eurasian continent. In addition, Elena strengthens IIASA’s highly productive relationship with one of its key member countries, Russia.”

IIASA conducted an extensive, international search for the Program Director position over the last six months and received a large number of highly qualified candidates. A search committee, made up of senior IIASA researchers and respected external collaborators, oversaw the selection.

"I am very pleased to accept this position,” commented Dr Rovenskaya. “I look forward to further developing the ASA program and achieving its mission of delivering cutting-edge research into systems analysis. Together, we will further explore both new methods that are needed for systems analysis and new applications of existing methods with IIASA scientists, external collaborators, and policymakers to find solutions to some of the pressing global challenges we all face.”

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