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United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI) represent the United Kingdom’s membership of IIASA.

© Bjørn Hovdal | Dreamstime

© Bjørn Hovdal | Dreamstime

Current collaborations between IIASA and the UK are enhancing UK expertise in developing and applying systems analysis, especially integrated assessment models. Establishing multinational and multidisciplinary teams of researchers is a key building block in IIASA work and many productive partnerships exist between IIASA and UK researchers.

These activities are complemented by scientific exchange with over 550 researchers visiting the UK from IIASA and over 370 researchers, advisors and diplomats visiting IIASA from the UK, over the same period. Beyond continuing these research collaborations, there is significant opportunity to grow the relationship between IIASA and the UK scholarly community, through joint research projects, scientific exchange and collaborative capacity building activities. 

Research highlights:

12 June 2020
Using dynamic modeling to reduce acidification

Options Summer 2020: According to IIASA research, appropriate indicators are needed to characterize the sensitivity of ecosystems and help inform effects-based emission reduction policies to ensure surface water recovery from acidification by 2050.  More

15 April 2020
IIASA-NERC collaborative research fellowships awarded

IIASA and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) have awarded three fellowships to support talented early career researchers in delivering challenging research and supporting collaboration between the two organizations.  More

27 January 2020
Aging Demographic Data Sheet 2020

The updated Aging Demographic Data Sheet comprehensively presents new measures of aging, developed at IIASA, for all countries in the world and world regions.  More

On the blog:

03 August 2018
Climate systems science is personal and so are the risks

Dame Julia Slingo and Peter Lemke on translating climate change risk into personally relevant narratives.  More

29 June 2018
Science and the media – An interview with Anne Glover

Dame Anne Glover talks about social media and how she keeps up to date on research news.  More

Scientific exchange:

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Last edited: 21 July 2020


United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI)

Sarah Webb

United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI)

Matthew Dobson

Senior Programme Manager, Natural Environment Research Council, United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI)



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