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South Africa became a member of IIASA in 2007 through its member organization, the National Research Foundation (NRF).



Since South Africa’s membership of IIASA, a range of research collaborations and capacity building activities have been developed by IIASA and over twenty South African research partners.

The most notable activity is the Southern African Young Scientists Summer Program (SA-YSSP) that developed system analytical research skills among over 80 doctoral students from 30 countries including 35 students from South Africa. This lead to the establishment of the Southern African Systems Analysis Centre, which has evolved from the success of the SA-YSSP.

Latest research news:

18 November 2020
Tackling the growing challenge of urban air pollution

How can fast growing cities keep air pollution in check? A recent World Bank report highlighting IIASA research explores this tricky question, looking at the kinds of policies and actions cities have taken to tackle poor local air quality, thus providing lessons for other cities.  More

17 June 2020
Climate adaptation lessons learned from the Cape Town drought

Options Summer 2020: IIASA researchers explored how cities can enhance governance around climate change adaptation using the recent Cape Town water crisis as a case study.  More

16 June 2020
Using modeling to plan for agricultural production increase in South Africa

Options Summer 2020: IIASA researchers modeled complex system linkages that affect food security in South Africa and found that sustained growth in the country’s agricultural sector is heavily dependent on careful planning and water use for irrigation.  More

On the blog:

18 November 2019
Interview with the Science Advisory Committee Chair Mary Scholes

Mary Scholes has been serving on the IIASA Science Advisory Committee (SAC) since 2011 and was appointed as Chair in 2014. In this interview she discusses her views of SAC.  More

15 October 2019
Ethical research is a quest for truth

An interview with Dorsamy (Gansen) Pillay, IIASA council member for South Africa, on ethical research.  More

09 July 2018
The legacy of systems analysis in South Africa: when young scientists become global leaders

Sepo Hachigonta, once a YSSP participant himself, shares the inspiration behind the recently released book “Systems Analysis for Complex Global Challenges,” the intellectual legacy of generations of IIASA and South African YSSP alums.  More

Scientific exchange:

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The National Research Foundation (NRF)

Dorsamy (Gansen) Pillay

Deputy CEO: RISA, Research and Innovation Support and Advancement, National Research Foundation (NRF)

The National Research Foundation (NRF)

Aldo Stroebel

Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships, National Research Foundation (NRF)

Infosheet on IIASA activities with South Africa

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