IIASA collaborates with over 20 research partners in Brazil using systems analysis to better understand the global challenges facing the country and wider Latin American region.



Research collaborations between Brazil and IIASA have intensified since Brazil became a member of IIASA in 2011. New research projects are using the tools of systems analysis to find the smartest ways for Brazil to achieve sustainable agriculture and land management strategies that reduce deforestation.

Other projects have focused on energy: Ranging from long-term energy planning, to learning from Brazil’s leadership in the use of ethanol fuel, to advancing understanding of the complex global energy system and its multiple connections with Brazil’s economy, environment, and society.  

Regional events:

Science Advice Capacity Building Symposium in Bogota

The Latin America and Caribbean Chapter of the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA), and the Colombian Academy of Physical, Exact and Natural Science are organising a Science Advice Capacity Building Symposium and Workshop in Bogotá, Colombia.  More

Systems Analysis and the Americas

On 5-6 September 2019, IIASA held the first of a series or regional conferences. Systems Analysis and the Americas took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. More

Research highlights:

06 June 2021
Co-creating digital tools to address misinformation in the social media age

Options Summer 2021:Working with a variety of stakeholders with different perspectives to develop digital tools is invaluable for addressing misinformation online. The IIASA Co-Inform project put this approach to the test.  More

11 February 2021
Raising climate ambitions could save millions of lives

Adopting policies that are consistent with achieving the Paris Agreement and prioritize health, could annually save 6.4 million lives due to healthier diets, 1.6 million lives due to cleaner air, and 2.1 million lives due to increased physical activity, according to new research.  More

17 November 2020
The impacts of climate change on Brazilian agriculture

Options Winter 2020: A recent IIASA study highlighted the importance of considering the impacts of changes in temperature and precipitation in the development of Brazilian agribusiness.  More

On the blog:

08 April 2020
Reducing COVID-19 vulnerability in Latin America and the Caribbean

Raquel Guimaraes writes about efforts by the scientific community to encourage governments in Latin America and the Caribbean to increase COVID-19 test coverage.  More

01 October 2018
Learning global-scale modelling in a castle in Europe

By Camila Ludovique, research assistant CAPES/IIASA Sandwich Doctorate I come from Brazil, more specifically from the Energy Planning Program of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, that postcard city that most of you may have already seen in pictures, with gorgeous mountains beside the ocean, the sunsets… But, on the ground we have many […]  More

14 September 2018
My experience as a postdoc at IIASA

Julian Hunt is a postdoc at IIASA and part of the Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education (CAPES) scheme.   More

Scientific exchange:

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Last edited: 14 July 2020



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