2018 YSSP Fund Recipients

2018 YSSP Fund Recipients; (L-R) Ekaterina Antsygina, J. Luke Irwin, Sara Turner, Fabio Diuana, Ankita Srivastava, Muhammad Nurariffudin, Fumi Harahap

Ekaterina Antsygina was awarded the Petr Aven Fellowship. She was working as part of the Arctic Futures Initiative and was supervised by Lassi Heininen, Nadejda Komendantova-Amann and JoAnne Bayer. Her YSSP research project was devoted to the delimitation of continental shelves beyond 200 nautical miles in the High North. 

J. Luke Irwin from USA was a recipient of the Roger Levien Fellowship. Under expert supervision of Anne Goujon (World Population Program) and Asjad Naqvi (Advanced Systems Analysis Program), Luke was trying to break down jobs into the specific cognitive and physical skills involved and rank the durability of each skill in the context of increasing automation on the job market. Learn more about his YSSP research project on the IIASA Nexus blog.

Sara Turner from USA was awarded the Roger Levien Fellowship. She worked with JoAnne Linnerooth-Bayer, Gergely Boza and Piotr Magnuszewski from the IIASA Risk and Resilience Program. As part of her YSSP research project, Sara was piloting an experiment that used the Forest Game, developed by IIASA and the Centre for Systems Solutions, to find out how policy decisions are made and how they change over time. Read more about her innovative approach to understanding decision making on the IIASA Nexus blog.

Fabio Diuana from Brazil worked on his YSSP research project with Edward Byers and Simon Parkinson from the IIASA Energy Program. He focused on the development of flexible nexus assessment tools for sustainable development analysis at the river basin scale.

Ankita Srivastava from India was hosted by the World Population Program and was supervised by Nandita Saikia. Her research question was "How many years in the life of a person will be spent without disability" and her YSSP project was an attempt to advance in creating the future scenario of disability burden in India.

Muhammad Nurariffudin from Malaysia was a recipient of the Ferrero Fellowship. Supervised by Sylvain Leduc and Florian Kraxner from the Ecosystem Services and Management Program, Muhammad adopted IIASA's BeWhere model in an attempt to address oil palm biomass co-firing issues in Malaysia. Learn more about his ambitious research project. 

Fumi Harahap from Indonesia was awarded the Ferrero Fellowship. With the help of her IIASA supervisors, Piera Patrizio and Sennai Mesfun from the Ecosystem Services and Management Program, Fumi analysed the economic, social and environmental impacts of crude palm oil and bioenergy production in palm oil agro-industry in Indonesia. 

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