13 November 2013
Gvishiani Room, IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria

Directorate seminar: Recursive Multisets and Their Applications to Systems Analysis

Professor Igor Sheremet, Professor at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, will give a talk on “Recursive Multisets and their Applications to the Large-Scale Systems and Design” as part of the Directorate Seminar, taking place on Wednesday, 13 November at 10:00 in the Gvishiani Room.

The main features of the approach to various systems analysis problems solving based on the so-called recursive multisets (RMS) are discussed. The lecture concern the following topics: informal introduction; basic notions and definitions; algorithmics; applications; interconnections; further development.

The RMS mathematical toolkit is based on the multiset grammars (MSG). The MSG allow simple and natural description of the problem in the form of the generating rules collection and filter for selection of the sets of multisets generated by the mentioned rules. The most useful RMS application is hierarchical sociotechnical systems design understood as selection of the best (optimal) variant (variants) from the full set of all possible variants of the system organizational structure, equipment and resources utilized described by the corresponding MSG.

Professor Igor Sheremet is a Member of European Academy of Natural Sciences (EANS) and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and a Professor in the Information and Control Department of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. He has authored more than 230 scientific publications, including 13 monographs. Professor Sheremet specializes in data and knowledge engineering, on-line distributed information processing, computer security, economical systems and critical infrastructures modeling, operation planning and efficiency and vulnerability assessment. He is the winner of the Russian Federation State G. Zhukov Prize, Prize of Italy, L. Euler Medal by EANS and P. Kapitsa Medal by International Association of the Scientific Discoveries Authors.

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