05 November 2013
Gvishiani Room, Laxenburg, Austria

ASA Forum workshop on Frontiers in Systems Analysis

Leading Finnish methodology researchers will join IIASA experts in a day-long workshop on Frontiers in Systems Analysis on Tuesday 5 November at IIASA in the Gvishiani Room. 

Organized under the banner of IIASA’s Advanced Systems Analysis Forum, the presentation will begin with overviews of systems analysis research in Finland and at IIASA, and will proceed to examine recent advances in three specific methodological areas: game theory, decision analysis, and optimization.  The sessions will include ample time for discussion, which will explore areas of potential cooperation between IIASA and the visiting scholars.

The workshop is co-organized by Aalto University, as part of a visit by a Finnish delegation of researchers from Aalto University and University of Jyväskylä, including eight senior scientists and thirteen doctoral students. The visit was organized in response to an invitation by IIASA Director Pavel Kabat to Finnish NMO member Jyrki Wallenius during an NMO workshop in Helsinki in May.  Professor Wallenius will be joined at the workshop by delegation leader Prof. Raimo P. Hämäläinen, a former member of the Finnish NMO Committee, Prof. Pekka Korhonen, Prof. Timo Kuosmanen, Dr. Juuso Liesiö, Prof. Kaisa Miettinen, Dr. Antti Punkka, and Prof. Ahti Salo.  

IIASA’s application of systems analysis approaches to problems of modern societies has been among its central missions since the Institute’s inception.  Developing novel methodologies to help achieve that mission is a key element of IIASA’s expertise, particularly in the areas of dynamic systems, control theory, stochastic optimization, decision theory and game theory.  The ASA Forum is a cross-cutting initiative, instituted in IIASA’s research Plan 2011-2015.  The Forum aims at strengthening this tradition and moving forward methodological research and application at IIASA by fostering cooperation and collaboration both with IIASA modelers and with partners in NMO countries. This seminar aims at exchanging and discussing some recent advances in systems analysis, decision making and risk management done at Aalto University and University of Jyväskylä, and at IIASA in three dimensions: game theory, decision making and optimization. Elena Rovenskaya (ASA), Ulf Dieckmann (EEP), Marek Makowski (ASA), Stefan Hochrainer (RPV) will present some of their recent results, and other IIASA colleagues will attend and participate in the discussions. 

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