19 November 2020
Virtual meeting 9:30-11:30 CEST

IIASA and Royal Scientific Society of Jordan Webinar on Energy and Climate Modeling

Celebrating the induction of Jordan, as IIASA’s first prospective member, IIASA and the Royal Scientific Society (RSS) of Jordan have developed a series of webinars to bring our Systems Analysis research communities closer together. To further develop the research bonds between IIASA and Jordan, RSS Jordan and IIASA energy researchers will meet to discuss their respective expertise and research interests in energy and climate change. This series of webinars, the first one on water and water modeling, will bring opportunities for the researchers from both organizations to uncover common research interests and build future collaborations.

© Dmfrancesco | Dreamstime.com

© Dmfrancesco | Dreamstime.com

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan became IIASA’s prospective member in 2020 through their National Member Organization (NMO), the Royal Scientific Society of Jordan (RSS Jordan). As part of the prospective membership, researchers of Jordan and IIASA researchers have started a conversation to exchange on the areas of mutual research interest.

On November 19th 2020, IIASA researchers from the Energy (ENE) program , will exchange experiences and expertise on their energy and climate change research, modeling activities and research interests with a group of their peers from the RSS Jordan – developing relationships and building linkages between the research communities, and looking for opportunities for synergistic collaborations between the two groups.

This event follows on collaborations between IIASA and researchers from the RSS Jordan on the topics of energy transitions in the Middle East and sustainability science. Bringing together researchers from both organizations, as well as the RSS Jordan Vice President for Technology Nabeel Al-Fayoumi and IIASA Director General and CEO Albert van Jaarsveld will spark ideas to tighten the links between the IIASA and RSS Jordan research communities.

Discussions, moderated by Iain Stewart, will be aimed at finding common grounds for energy and climate Modeling research between the RSS Jordan and IIASA, in the hopes that future collaborative work between IIASA and the RSS Jordan will be of benefit nationally, regionally and globally. This event is part of a series aimed at building links and strengthening the relationship between IIASA, and the Jordanian Systems Analysis research community and follows a first webinar including research leaders from both the IIASA Water (WAT) program and RSS Jordan discussing potential research collaborations in Water and Water Modeling.

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