09 December 2019 - 13 December 2019
San Francisco, USA

IIASA at AGU 2019

IIASA researchers will participate in the American Geosciences Union Fall Meeting 2019 presenting research on climate adaptation, Earth sciences, risk and resilience, water systems, energy, food systems, the impacts of systems and more. 

© Mathieu Le Mauff | Dreamstime

© Mathieu Le Mauff | Dreamstime

The AGU fall meeting brings together over 24,000 researchers from around the world covering disciplines of the Earth and space sciences. As the conference marks its Centennial, it will celebrate the past and inspire the future by bringing together the people, the imagination, and the science that will ignite the next hundred years to make our planet safer, cleaner, and more sustainable.

AGU 2019 sessions bring together the IIASA network in San Francisco by featuring IIASA researchers, alumni, and collaborators. The agenda will highlight rapid developments in science, new approaches to observing our Earth and beyond, the introduction of new data streams, growing demand for accessible science, the expansion of convergent science, and more.

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Below is a selection of IIASA related sessions and papers.

A full list of IIASA participation appears here, and please visit the AGU Program page for the full program

Monday, 09 December

B51L-2401 - Partitioning of plant functional trait variation into phenotypic plasticity and neutral components reveals functional differences among neotropical tree species
Florian Hofhansl, Ecosystem Services and Management (ESM) & Evolution & Ecology (EEP) Programs
Ulf Dieckmann, EEP Program
Oskar Franklin, ESM Program 

Wednesday, 11 December

PA31B - Flood Risk and Resilience: Integrating Models, Methods, and Data to Inform Resilience-Building at Risk Management Scales I, II Posters
Primary Convener and Chair: Reinhard Mechler, Risk & Resilience (RISK) Program

Thursday, 12 December

GC42A - Multiscale Modeling of Human-Natural Earth System Interactions for Sustainable and Resilient Planning at the Nexus of Water-Energy-Food Security, Health, and Conflict Session I, II Posters
Convener and Chair: Simon Parkinson, Energy Program and University of Victoria
Yue Qin, Ohio State University, YSSP 2016  

Friday, 13 December

B53C Plant Traits, Adaptation, and Biogeochemical Cycles: From Measurements to Models Session I, Session II, III Posters
Convener and Chair: Oskar Franklin, ESM Program 


H53A-02 - Exploring water management options under changing climate, land cover and socio-economic drivers for the extended Lake Victoria Basin
Peter Burek, Sylvia Tramberend, Mohamed Kahil, Robert Burtscher, Yoshihide Wada, Water Program 

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AGU Fall Meeting 2019



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Gao, J., Xu, X., Cao, G.-Y., Ermoliev, Y., Ermolieva, T., & Rovenskaya, E. (2021). Strategic decision-support modeling for robust management of the food–energy–water nexus under uncertainty. Journal of Cleaner Production 292, e125995. 10.1016/j.jclepro.2021.125995.

Jie, D., Xu, X., & Guo, F. (2021). The future of coal supply in China based on non-fossil energy development and carbon price strategies. Energy 220, e119644. 10.1016/j.energy.2020.119644.

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