26 November 2019 - 27 November 2019
Centre Albert Borschette, Brussels, Belgium

EU Conference on Modelling for policy support: Experiences, challenges and the way ahead

IIASA scientists will share their research results with the policy community at the first EU Conference on Modelling for Policy Support which is organized by the Competence Centre on Modelling of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission. 

© raphael-biscaldi | Unsplash

© raphael-biscaldi | Unsplash

The European Commission extensively uses models throughout the policy cycle. They are used to assess the environmental, economic, and social impacts of policies.

This conference brings together researchers and policymakers involved in modelling activities from the European Commission, European and international institutions and agencies, Member States, universities, research institutes, and consultancies.

The aim of the conference is to identify common challenges and solutions in the use of models to support policymaking. Discussion will focus on sharing best practice to identify challenges and the way forward and to maintain high quality standards and ensure continued innovation.

IIASA researchers from several research programs including the Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA), Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases (AIR), and Ecosystems Services and Management (ESM) programs will present their work at the conference. IIASA researcher Tatiana Ermolieva (Ecosystems Services and Management Program) is a member of the conference scientific committee and Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases Program Director Markus Amann will participate in the concluding panel discussion.

IIASA participation:

26 November 

14:00-15:30, Room 0.B
Session: Integrated assessment modelling"

16:00-17:30, Room 0.B
Session: Integrated modeling: the case of the Food-water-energy-environmental NEXUS management under uncertainty and risks

27 November

11:00-12:30, Room 0.C
Session: Modelling support for EU policy design: the EU’s Long Term Strategy for climate

11:00-12:30, Room 0.C
Session: Scenarios, model linkages and data for policy

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Last edited: 28 November 2019


Tatiana Ermolieva

Research Scholar

Integrated Biosphere Futures Research Group

T +43(0) 2236 807 581

Markus Amann

Senior Research Scholar

Pollution Management Research Group

T +43(0) 2236 807 432

Stefan Frank

Research Scholar

Integrated Biosphere Futures Research Group

T +43(0) 2236 807 218

Lena Höglund Isaksson

Senior Research Scholar

Pollution Management Research Group

T +43(0) 2236 807 368

Andrey Krasovskiy

Research Scholar



and Ecosystem Services Research Group

T +43(0) 2236 807 390

Piera Patrizio

Guest Research Scholar



and Ecosystem Services Research Group

Yurii Yermoliev

Emeritus Research Scholar

Cooperation and Transformative Governance Research Group|Exploratory Modeling Of Human-Natural Systems Research Group

T +43(0) 2236 807 208

EU Conference on Modelling for Policy support

Experiences, challenges and the way ahead



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