25 June 2018 - 29 June 2018

World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists 2018

IIASA researcher Hugo Valin will present research on biofuel, land use, and sustainability challenges at an invited policy session in the scope of this congress.

 © TheaDesign | Shutterstock

© TheaDesign | Shutterstock

The sixth World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists (WCERE) is organized by the Department of Economics at the School of Business, Economics, and Law at the University of Gothenburg. The conference is organized in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Science and other research groups and departments in Gothenburg. 

The five-day congress will delve into economic theory to understand the mechanisms behind social change, but will also include subjects such as political science and history, as well as the many natural science disciplines that help us to understand the resource- and environmental challenges we face. In addition to theoretical and empirical studies, the congress also aims to engage with the policy agenda.  

The policy session “The Future Role of Biofuels in Transport for Reaching Global Climate Targets’’ on 27 June focuses on how biofuel in transportation can be successfully employed to mitigate climate change. Key questions that will be discussed are: 

• Is there still a future for first-generation biofuels?

• Could cellulosic biofuels and use of degraded land avoid competition with food production and eliminate the negative effects of direct and indirect land use change?

• Is there potential for scaling up the use of forest biomass?

• For which modes of transport are the prospects for using biofuels most promising?

• How should biofuel policies be designed to cope with both the need for technological development and the danger of creating carbon debt? 

Hugo Valin, research scholar in the IIASA Ecosystems Services and Management program, will give a talk titled “Biofuel, land use and sustainability challenges” during the policy session. The presentation will be about his recent work on the indirect impact of the EU biofuel policy on land-use and greenhouse gas emissions.

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