20 May 2018 - 27 May 2018

Green Culture

Based on the observation that artists and cultural workers have always been social leaders and are some of the most influential and strongest catalysts of change, the London-based International Centre for Sustainable Cultural Collaboration (KRUG) has organized Green Culture for the past seven years. The gathering takes place on a secluded island south of Montenegro, and brings together scientists, artists, social entrepreneurs, academics, politicians and writers to discuss how to best contribute to sustainability.

© Gabriela Sosa | IIASA

© Gabriela Sosa | IIASA

Gloria Benedikt, who leads the Science and Art Project at IIASA, presented her insights on how artists can support sustainability transformations. She demonstrated how science and technology can offer technical solutions but cannot bring about social acceptability, and determined how artists can ‘pick up the ball from science’ by helping to bring about such a cultural shift.

Benedikt suggested that mitigation and adaption to solve the climate issue will require more knowledge about value and behavior shifts, as deliberate shifts are improbable unless we know more about how they happen.

She also presented two of her current projects (“Stories for the Future” and “Dancing with the Future”) as examples of how artists can bring into focus crucial questions of value and behavior.

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