09 March 2017

Alumnus Luis J. Castro on Migration and Urban Systems

Join Luis J. Castro at the "Migration and Urban Systems Engineering Analysis on the Mexico-USA Border" conference on Thursday, 9 March, at the Engineering Institute of the National University in Mexico City at 5 pm.

© Luis J. Castro

© Luis J. Castro

The conference took place in Spanish at the Engineering Institute of the National University in   Mexico City. No registration was required, and a live stream will also be available. More information may be found here

The main objective of this conference was to present a proposal that articulates the performance of components responsible for the development of the Northern border of Mexico.

Dr. Castro's presentation had an emphasis on quantitative analysis of migration flows based on the research he worked on at IIASA 35 years ago, which has been extensively used in many countries and at the UN. Also it presented a new approach on modelling flows and age specific patterns of international and internal migration within a socio-economic theoretical framework. The presentation included:

  • A brief description of the bi-national and global significance of the border region of Mexico with the United States.
  • Negative consequences in the border region by the lack of integration between sectoral public policies, the example of Ciudad Juarez;
  • A systems analysis approach of the border region of Mexico with the USA and description of its components;
  • The migration to the Mexican north border region seen as the most relevant component of the whole system of the Mexico-USA border;
  • The application of urban systems engineering in the design of border public policies; and
  • Conclusions and recommendations.

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