18 April 2016

Former YSSPers come together in China

A Public Lecture by IIASA's Director General and CEO Pavel Kabat at Peking University brought together former YSSPers and their former supervisors.

© Samir K.C.

© Samir K.C.

A delegation from IIASA visited Beijing in March 2016 to enhance current collaborations. During this trip, a workshop took place that included a Public Lecture by Dr. Pavel Kabat, IIASA's Director General and CEO, which brought together many former YSSPers and their former supervisors.  

Among them were Siyuan Yang and Hongmei Zheng, who share their impressions from the event below. Siyuan is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at the School of Environment at Beijing Normal University and was a 2015 YSSPer in the Advanced Systems Analysis Program.  Hongmei is also currently at the School of Environment at Beijing Normal University and was a 2014 YSSPer in the Advanced Systems Analysis Program. 

"I was so excited when I heard that a delegation from IIASA will visit Beijing, China. Chinese YSSPers gathered together in Peking University from all over the country to attend this public lecture that was given by Pavel Kabat, IIASA’s Director General and CEO. This workshop focused on the tradeoff between economy and environment. Since human activities have caused tremendous impact on the environment, people have been facing climate change, diminishing natural resources and irreversible environmental deterioration. A promising solution to achieve sustainable environment and prosperous economy is to think systematically, which is based on cross-sectoral and integrative synergies. After the workshop, we shared memories from IIASA and talked about our future plans. It was a very emotional meeting for me, and I felt like it was a reunion with my family.

from left to right: Shengfa Li (2014 YSSP), Siyuan Yang (2015 YSSP), Hongmei Zheng (2014 YSSP), Gui-Ying Cao (IIASA), Junlian Gao (2014 YSSP), Günther Fischer (IIASA), Kun Ma (2014 YSSP), Matthias Wildemeersch (IIASA), Pavel Kabat (IIASA Director General and CEO), Chuanfu Zang (2011 YSSP), Ulf Dieckmann (IIASA), Wei Liu (2012 YSSP & IIASA), Haochen Wang (2014 YSSP)

“Last month, IIASA Director General and CEO, Professor Pavel Kabat had a lecture in Peking University. He talked current environmental problems and introduced some research on proposing countermeasures, in order to reconcile economic development with environmental sustainability. He also emphasized sustainable development is close to human life. Finally, Prof. Kabat analyzed how to solve some problems specifically for Chinese cases. This workshop provided us (YSSPers) a great opportunity to meet again. We were so excited to see each other, recalled our memories from time spent together at IIASA, and talked about our work and family.

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