Young Scientists Summer Program

IIASA's flagship Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP), now in its 35th year, offers talented young PhD candidates the opportunity to immerse themselves for three months in IIASA's "systems analysis" approach to research.

The Young Scientists Summer Program was set up in 1977 to create a cadre of scientists that are well versed in the international, interdisciplinary, and applied research approach being developed at IIASA. Read more about the foundation of the YSSP.

Through the knowledge, training, and international   contacts they acquire while at IIASA, many YSSPers go on to make distinguished careers in the public, academic, and private sectors.

The YSSP Program represents three months of stimulating systems analysis-based research for young scientists.

A deep understanding of the methodology, use, and utility of systems analysis is acquired by YSSPers during their three-month stay at IIASA through workshops, seminars, and one-on-one mentoring with scientists who are experts in their field.

Participants are also expected to prepare a paper for possible publication on their chosen summer research topic and to present it formally. Peer interaction with other young scientists from different disciplines plays a major role in understanding practical scientific challenges from multiple perspectives.

Cultural, intellectual, and recreational activities round out the YSSP experience. 

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Last edited: 11 June 2014

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