Economics of Equal Life Chances (EELC)

Research undertaken as part of the EELC theme focuses on issues related to distributional consequences of development trends and transformative policies, especially as it relates to vulnerable populations.

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© Designer491 | Dreamstime

The EELC theme pertains to issues relating to the unequal accumulation of human capital and its economic and wellbeing effects both within and across cohorts; equitable access to crucial resources such as food, health care, education, the digital environment, and social safety; and the distributional consequences of development trends and transformative policies, especially for vulnerable populations (just transitions). As a hallmark, research on EELC themes will trace out the impact on the distribution of wellbeing of micro- and macroeconomic feedback loops, for instance, through endogenous adjustments in human capital investments or structural change within the economy.

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Last edited: 16 March 2021


Michael Kuhn

Program Director and Principal Research Scholar

Economic Frontiers Program

T +43(0) 2236 807 371


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