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01 September 2021
Building fairness into decision making

The fairSTREAM project just launched under the auspices of the IIASA Strategic Initiatives Program, aims to develop and demonstrate a co-production methodology for including equity and justice (fairness) alongside efficiency in developing sustainable policy options across the food-water-biodiversity nexus.  More

30 August 2021
Research reveals location and intensity of global threats to biodiversity

Using a novel modeling approach, new research published in Nature Ecology and Evolution reveals the location and intensity of key threats to biodiversity on land and identifies priority areas across the world to help inform conservation decision making at national and local levels.  More

24 August 2021
Meeting biodiversity, climate, and water objectives through integrated strategies

We are collectively failing to conserve the world’s biodiversity and to mobilize natural solutions to help curb global warming. A new study carried out by the Nature Map Consortium, shows that managing a strategically placed 30% of land for conservation could safeguard 70% of all considered terrestrial plant and vertebrate animal species, while simultaneously conserving more than 62% of the world’s above and below ground vulnerable carbon, and 68% of all clean water.  More

01 July 2021
Making the Top 100 in Ecology: the story of a successful research paper

IIASA researcher Florian Hofhansl tells the story of a paper resulting from a decade of research that was recently included in the Top 100 most downloaded ecology papers published in 2020.  More

17 June 2021
Defense of the natural realm

Options Magazine, Summer 2021: At a crucial moment for beleaguered nature, IIASA research is showing that we can reverse biodiversity loss. It will need an effort that is grand in scale and focused where rewards are greatest.  More

05 May 2021
Call for registering as project members and stakeholders now open!

Help us design a Europa Biodiversity Observation Network - EuropaBON!  More

04 January 2021
Biodiversity at IIASA

As of January 2021, IIASA has a dedicated Ecology and Conservation researchgroup and a Biodiversity and Natural Resources Programme.  More

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