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Biodiversity, Ecology, and Conservation Research Group

Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program


Matt Lewis is a research assistant with the Biodiversity, Ecology, and Conservation (BEC) Research Group in the IIASA Biodiversity and Natural Resources (BNR) Program. His current work involves data management and manipulation, as well as assisting with the development of new integrated biodiversity models.

Before joining IIASA in 2020, Lewis completed an MPhil in Zoology at the University of Cambridge, UK, where he focused on butterfly conservation in the UK. His thesis concentrated on understanding the drivers of population change of the Small Heath butterfly (Coenonympha pamphilus) in the UK, and the factors affecting its fine-scale distribution to better target conservation action for the species. Prior to that, he completed internships at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds' Centre for Conservation Science, and at the United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), where he worked on the Nature Map project.

Last update: 22 JUN 2021


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