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Diana Luna Gonzalez

Guest Research Assistant

Water Security Research Group

Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program


Diana Luna Gonzalez is interested in investigating system transformations that can contribute toward achieving both planetary and human health. Her particular focus is on exploring the extent to which agricultural diversification can improve the food and nutrition security of farming households in rural areas of Central America. At IIASA, she works with the Water Program (WAT) and participates in the ScaleWAYS project to identify pilot initiatives for resilient local and regional land and water management in agriculture.

Ms. Luna Gonzalez has a formal education in nutritional science and food systems, complexity and sustainability science, and agricultural science. Her interests range from data science to participatory action research methods and sustainable livelihoods. She believes that access to healthy food is a universal human right, and that science and technology can help to achieve this right in a sustainable way.

Last update: 02 JUL 2019


Anderzén, J., Guzmán Luna, A., Luna-González, D.V., Merrill, S.C., Caswell, M., Méndez, V.E., Hernández Jonapá, R., & Mier y Terán Giménez Cacho, M. (2020). Effects of on-farm diversification strategies on smallholder coffee farmer food security and income sufficiency in Chiapas, Mexico. Journal of Rural Studies 77 33-46. 10.1016/j.jrurstud.2020.04.001.