Membership was established with the Mexican National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT), which is also responsible for the payment of IIASA membership contributions.

Main areas of collaborations: 
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Water resources and governance of transboundary water resources

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Foreign investment and risk of financial crisis

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Sustainable land use and climate change

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 Projecting demographic change in Mexico


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18 November 2020

Tackling the growing challenge of urban air pollution

How can fast growing cities keep air pollution in check? A recent World Bank report highlighting IIASA research explores this tricky question, looking at the kinds of policies and actions cities have taken to tackle poor local air quality, thus providing lessons for other cities.


18 November 2020

How effective are social impact assessments in Mexico's renewable energy sector?

Options Winter 2020: IIASA researchers explored the effectiveness of social impact assessments in overcoming local opposition to the implementation of renewable energy projects.
Mexican landscape with windmills and cows

13 October 2016

Managing an endangered river across the USA-Mexico border

Policy Brief #13, October 2016. To overcome pressures on water quantity and quality in the Rio Grande/Bravo the 1944 Water Treaty between Mexico and the USA must be adapted, taking full advantage of the institutional flexibility to include environmental sustainability.
picture of the river Rio Grande