Membership was established with the Mexican National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT), which is also responsible for the payment of IIASA membership contributions.

Main areas of collaborations: 

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Water resources and governance of transboundary water resources

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Foreign investment and risk of financial crisis

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Sustainable land use and climate change

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 Projecting demographic change in Mexico


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IIASA Interns

30 August 2023

The IIASA Summer Experience: A Blend of Learning and Experience in a nurturing atmosphere

Every summer, IIASA turns into a buzzing hub of knowledge seekers, and this year is no different! The AFE FLAM team welcomed three interns and three YSSP fellows this summer and we took a moment to chat with Rasheed, Adrian, Laura, and Lawrence about their experiences and goals.
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18 November 2020

Tackling the growing challenge of urban air pollution

How can fast growing cities keep air pollution in check? A recent World Bank report highlighting IIASA research explores this tricky question, looking at the kinds of policies and actions cities have taken to tackle poor local air quality, thus providing lessons for other cities.


07 November 2022

A fair climate

Policy Brief #35, October 2022. Sharing mitigation fairly between countries doesn’t have to be expensive.

18 November 2020

How effective are social impact assessments in Mexico's renewable energy sector?

Options Winter 2020: IIASA researchers explored the effectiveness of social impact assessments in overcoming local opposition to the implementation of renewable energy projects.
Mexican landscape with windmills and cows
A man pedals a cycle rickshaw used for transporting goods during a flash flood

06 May 2020

Resilience thinking: Preparing for and recovering from COVID-19 in the context of compound risks

The global COVID-19 crisis is challenging the social fabric of countries and communities across the globe. Interventions such as lockdowns, social distancing measures, and economic stimulus packages have been introduced to reinforce societal resilience. The resilience of national health systems is particularly in the spotlight – primarily keeping occupancy numbers of intensive care beds under a critical threshold, as well as improving access to basic health services for people infected with the virus, and ensuring that infections do not spread further.