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13 February 2023

French and Italian ambassadors visit IIASA

H.E. Gilles Pécout, Ambassador of the French Republic to the Republic of Austria, and H.E. Stefano Beltrame, Ambassador of the Italian Republic to the Republic of Austria, recently paid a joint visit to IIASA to meet with the institute’s leadership and discuss possible research collaboration between their countries and IIASA.
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24 January 2023

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected immigration?

New research finds a high variation between how pandemic mitigation measures affected immigration to different destination countries, from a slight increase to huge reductions.


28 September 2023

Feasible futures

Policy Brief #41, October 2023. Embracing the notion of feasibility, this research shows that the world will probably overshoot 1.5°C, largely owing to low institutional capacity. Energy demand reduction and electrification are two options to turn down the heat, and addressing weak institutions is crucial.

28 November 2022

Standardizing migration data in Europe

Options Magazine, Winter 2022: Researchers illustrated the discrepancies in migration flow statistics across Europe to help standardize data and better understand migration patterns.
Regional impacts

28 November 2022

Collaborating for better research and management of wildland fires in Europe

Options Magazine, Winter 2022: In a collaborative effort, researchers, practitioners, and managers created an overview of current wildland fire patterns and challenges across Europe.
Regional impacts